Saturday, December 17, 2011

Morayta Girl

This is a song I wrote with my friend, Norcel. We are members of an IARFA Pastorale, the official music ensemble of the Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts of the Far Eastern University. One Friday afternoon, Norcel played some chords, and I started to sing, put some words. We thought it sounded good and that's why we tried to finish it! My inspiration? I was thinking of a girl at that time. Well here it is.. :)


Music and Lyrics by:
Dan Alvarez
Norcel Alana
w/ special contribution by Anthony "Hutch" Montenegro-Pla

Intro (Am7 - F#m - Bm - E)

Verse 1: (Am7 - F#m - Bm - E)
Kahapon lang nakita ka
Naglalakad sa Morayta
Kasama mo kaibigan mo, Sayo’y napatulala

Sumusulyap sa ‘yong mata
Nabighani sa ‘yong ganda
Sana nama’y ‘yong mapansin aking pagtingin

Refrain: (DM7 - E)
Tila ba isang panaginip
Na naabot ang langit
Di naman sa pinipilit

(Am7 - F# - Bm - E)
Pero Pwede ba
Pwede ba, Pwede bang kahit saglit lang
Usap tayo sa Freedom

(Am7 - F#m - Bm - E-break)
At pwede ba
Pwede ba, pwede bang may kahabaan
Ang masayang kwentuhan
Sana’y matuluyan

(Am7 - F#m - break)

Verse 2: (Am7 - F#m - Bm - E)
Tumitingin sa ‘yong ngiti
Di maiwasan ring mapangiti
Ang puso ko’y sa’yo lamang, sana’y pagbigyan

Akala ko’y iyong napansin
Di ko alam ang gagawin
Suntok sa buwan na lamang ba, ‘O Huwag naman.

[Instrumental - verse/intro chords]

Bridge: (Bm - C#m - Bm - E)
Hapon na
Uwian na
Mawawalan ng pag-asa

[R. Chorus][Chorus 2]
(Am7 - F#m - Bm - E-break)
Pero Pwede ba
Pwede ba, Pwede bang kitang masabihan
Ng I love you, I swear I do.

End with Am7


Music and Lyrics by:
Dan Alvarez
Norcel Alana
w/ special contribution by Anthony "Hutch" Montenegro-Pla

Performed by:
Dan Alvarez 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Minus the Job

I lost my job today due to a common reason among beginners who are careless, irresponsible, and unprofessional in the industry. I wish I have said sorry at least, but I had no chance. It was too late. My plan for the holidays will be dreams forever. Chances are, if miracles do happen and I'd still get it. Too bad, I let a chance slip that easy. Too many opportunities were in line. Coffee Industry, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction, etc.. A lot would've opened for me. A lot of doors would've been still there right in front of me. But, then again, I let it slip. I hope I won't ever repeat the same mistake ever again.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Positive Vs Negative

There are only two kinds of things that could happen in life: Positive and Negative. Only one occurs at a time. Don't miss anything that's Positive. People tend to subconsciously change them into Negative. Miss your chances, fine, but never act like a kid being so frustrated 'cause you missed it. Instead, live on and refrain from doing the same thing over and over again. I apply this to my life. But for one more detail, I change every Negative into Positive as much as I can. Why? Everything has its backside. Life is like a card with two sides, if its the bad side, flip it to see what's good about it. Its that simple of an idea.

Monday, November 21, 2011

First Attempt

Nov. 21, 2011, this marks the first day I had to test out this blogger site. Oh well, nothing to do much about today. I'm too messed up to start anything. I have a lot of work to do. Adios amigos! I welcome myself to blogging. :)


I think I have to fix my GMT. It says Nov. 20, instead of 21. WTF! :))